Our Mission:

Reuniting Families.

We help support the reunification of families by providing rides, housing, clothing and other essentials once the families have been released. We work closely with local advocacy groups to ensure the immediate needs of families are met, that they are supported until a long term plan for each family is determined, and that they are treated with respect and compassion.


Nosotros apoyamos la reunificación de las familias que han sido separadas. Proveemos aventones, alojamiento, ropa y otras necesidades para las familias que han sido liberadas. Trabajamos en conjunto con grupos locales de apoyo para atender a las necesidades de las familias, apoyarlas hasta que haya un plan a largo plazo para cada familia y asegurar que todas sean tratadas con respeto y compasión. 

Donate to EVERS and Family

Evers, his wife Gladys, their three year old son, and infant daughter were all separated when they came to the united states.  Father and son were reunited here in Michigan and then were able to travel to Houston where the whole family was reunited.  They settled in Houston in a one-bedroom apartment that they share with extended family.  

We reconnected with Evers and his family when we found out that they had run out of infant formula and that their pro bono lawyer was paying for their travel to legal and medical appointments.  We have since been able to help them with the $2,500 that donors had contributed and an Amazon registry.  This money has gone a long way and Evers and Gladys are deeply grateful for all of the help.  I cannot tell you how many thank you texts and photos they send! 

Their son is suffering immense, and fairly predictable, repercussions from the traumatic separation trauma that he experienced.  When he was first reunited with his mom, he didn’t recognize her and tried to run away.  He is doing so much better now, but he desperately needs to be on a schedule.  Seven hundred and fifty dollars a month is enough for this family to rent a 1 bedroom apartment of their own.   We are hoping to raise 12,000 dollars to help cover rent, utilities and deposit for this lovely family. 


For her birthday, one of our volunteers is asking for donations to help support MSC families in need. If you wish to contribute to Lainie’s birthday fundraiser, please click on the button above.

Michigan Support Circle is a division of Immigrant Families Together

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Our Mission

We are a grassroots organization based in Michigan.  Our goal is to quickly respond to the changing requirements of the government in order to support detained and separated immigrant families. Working with other organizations, we fight for the reunification of families while providing immediate support and emergency aid to those recently released from detention centers. We believe that while all people ought to work for the reunification of families forced to separate, it is the particular responsibility of citizens to work to end the inhumane treatment of families seeking shelter here.

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“This is beyond separation, this is stealing. The government is stealing children from their parents. I cannot just sit by and do nothing.”

Rabbi Josh Whinston, Temple Beth Emeth / Read Full Article



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If you are directly affected by the government's separation policies, can help us get parents' contact information, or know immigration lawyers talking to parents, please call us.


Si usted ha sido afectado directamente por las políticas de separación del gobierno, puede ayudarnos a conseguir información de contacto para los padres de los niños en detención o si conoce abogados de inmigración que estén en contacto con los padres, por favor llámenos. 

Please note: Hotline/Línea Directa is managed by Immigrant Families Together, who refer families as appropriate to Michigan Support Circle.

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