Donate: Support Families
& Other Ways to Help

Presently we are asking our supporters and donors to continue their support of MSC families by donating to Immigrant Families Together Rapid Response Fund. The donations made to that fund will go to helping families like Ever’s family and Gabriel’s family.


Ever and Family

Ever, his wife Gladys, their three year old son, and infant daughter were separated when they came to the united states.  Father and son were reunited here in Michigan and then were able to travel to Houston where the whole family was reunited.  They settled in Houston in a one-bedroom apartment that they share with extended family.  

We reconnected with Ever and his family when we found out that they had run out of infant formula and that their pro bono lawyer was paying for their travel to legal and medical appointments.  We have since been able to help them with the $2,500 that donors had contributed and an Amazon registry.  This money has gone a long way and Ever and Gladys are deeply grateful for all of the help.  I cannot tell you how many thank you texts and photos they send! 

Their son is suffering immense, and fairly predictable, repercussions from the traumatic separation trauma that he experienced.  When he was first reunited with his mom, he didn’t recognize her and tried to run away.  He is doing so much better now, but he desperately needs to be on a schedule.  Seven hundred and fifty dollars a month is enough for this family to rent a 1 bedroom apartment of their own.   By donating to IFT’s Rapid Response Fund you are helping to support Ever, his family, and other families effected by cruel immigration policies.

GABRIEL and Family

Please note that this family’s story was previously posted using different names. Given this family’s continued fear of persecution their names have been changed.  As one of the first families MSC helped to reunite, Gabriel and his now four year old son, Aden hold a special place in our hearts.  Gabriel is a kind and thoughtful man who adores his son. Gabriel, his wife Paola, and son left their home country in May of 2018 and made the dangerous journey to the US looking for refuge. They arrived at the border, but they were detained and separated. The little boy was taken away with no explanation and flown, alone, across the country to Michigan. He was reunited with his father last summer but remains separated from his mother.

***UPDATE*** Paola was released from detention and has just been reunited with her family. By donating to IFT’s Rapid Response Fund you are helping to support Gabriel, Paola, their son and other families effected by cruel immigration policies.

donate frequent flyer miles

Whether by bringing a parent to a child or bringing separated families to their relatives, flying allows people in crisis to get to the safety of their family members more quickly.  When you register with us, we only ask for your name and contact information.  As needs for miles arise, we contact people on our donor registry with details about how to donate their miles to travelers.