Summary of Week Ending Aug. 12

From Michigan Support Circle Leader Rosalie Lochner

What a week it was! As announced on Twitter, we were able to support the reunification of a mother and her 12 year-old son in Texas and then fly them to their extended family in Michigan.  This mother and son had been apart for a long time.  As a result of the Twitter communication, we have had over 250 people donate frequent flyer miles for families!  Along with Twitter, we also had publicity in the Detroit Free Press.

I am happy to report that we have raised our goal of $2,500 to help support Fredy and his son.  We have also achieved our goal of $2,500 towards small costs here. This money helps to pay for gas for people driving families to consulates and it pays for medical bills for mothers and children.  In addition, it pays for emergency food and supplies when our families are in need. THANK YOU. This means that our volunteers will no longer have to foot bills and then rely on a promise of repayment.

We have some news about the future of Michigan Support Circle.  As many of you know, we have been working hand in hand with Immigrant Families Together. This amazing group has branches all over the country and works to reunite and support families. MSC is officially partnering with IFT. This will have very little effect on our messaging or the way that MSC is run, but it will allow us to provide more resources to our families and help us with national outreach.  We are also partnering with Miles4Migrants. Miles4Migrants specializes in using frequent flyer miles to book tickets for migrant families in need. With our donors’ permissions, they are going to help manage our miles and thus give us greater agility to book tickets.

Kids in the Grosse Pointe and Ann Arbor areas had a big weekend! Thanks to the support of WeGP, we had lemonade stands set up all over the Grosse Pointe communities! A number of stands were also set up in Ann Arbor!

Please consider donating to our families here and please  be in touch if you’re in the Michigan area and would like to be a bilingual driver for one of our families.

Summary of the week ending Aug. 12, 2018

Kathy Gibbons